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In Uncategorized on July 3, 2011 at 1:02 pm

If you can believe it, Henry is 5 months old. Of course, developmentally (i.e. “corrected age”) he is a little over 2 months. But we don’t like to skimp – he has very much lived all 5 months. We are proud of this kid.

Jude next to him, is turning 2 in August. He is a good brother – day by day he gets more acclimated to the fact that he is not the center of orbit. He loves “baby” (thankfully baby and Henry rhyme… so the transition should be a smooth one). We are proud of him too.

Henry is growing well. He continues to get check check-ups and so far all have been positive. He smiles a ton. He has a very gentle and happy spirit. It is almost as if he is resting for the first time in his short little life.

Your continued prayer is very much appreciated and needed. It has been a challenging season, but through it, Christ has been our comfort, our treasure, our hope, our stay. Henry’s health is not our savior. Jesus is. And so we are receiving God’s mercy to Henry as it is  —  a gift. We are thankful.

We will keep you posted,

Joe & Josie

  1. So great to see Henry – on my 27-week preemie’s first birthday, no less! So you know what you have to look forward to, our little guy just got tubes in his ears, is eating Stage 2 foods, is getting ready to try table food, is working on teeth (he’s slow to get those, adjusted or no), sits on his own, and has started “inchworming” – trying to crawl. What an exhilirating and humbling experience! We think of Henry often.

  2. LOVE Love love…that picture. I might just steal it and send it to friends who have been asking and praying!! Thanks for sharing your reflections as well. Love you all sooo much~~

  3. Love this picture! Can’t wait to meet little Henry and hug Jude again! To God be the glory!


  4. We are so humbled by Henry’s progress. It has truely been a work of God’s hand. We continue to thank him for Henry’s growth and look forward to watching him grow. Praise the Lord!!!

    Sandi and Joe

  5. Dear Joe and my Hannah,

    How Henry has grown! And Jude. It is so good to see a picture of them together, being brothers and buddies. Poor Jude – it is hard to accustom yourself to not being the center of your parents’ attention. We, who are not first children, never had to deal with that, did we? i’m hoping all continues to go so swimmingly. i love you all!

    Surely you’ve noticed that if you go by Hannah, my Hannah, then it will be two J’s (Joe and Jude) and two H’s (Henry and Hannah). There’s a symmetry in this that appeals to your aunt jenny.

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