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In Uncategorized on June 11, 2011 at 7:13 pm

Here is a capture of Henry’s joy – rarely are we able to capture him mid-guffaw. We actually get a ton of smiles from him (and they are not “gas smiles”).

Henry is now over 10 pounds, and the clinicians and doctors are pleased with his development. He is off of oxygen. He is not taking any medicine. He is sleeping really well. We are thankful.

We are still very cautious, per doctors orders, to take him to public places. He can’t really be around people. Though he looks vigorous on the outside – he is still quite fragile inside. A big cold or RSV would be terrible. Please pray against this.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We will continue to update this blog. If there is a span of silence, don’t think the worst… it means that we are caught up in “normal” new-baby craziness. Again – grateful for your prayers.


Joe & Josie

  1. Oh, the blessings just keep pouring in! WHAT a handsome little man he is!

  2. Joyous day!

  3. We love seeing that little guy laughing … such a happy smile!! Good news to hear and yes we will continue prayers every day… with lots of love, mom and dad

  4. Oh, my goodness! What a hunk of boy and joy!

    Please keep David’s sister, Deidre, in your prayers as she is expecting twins in November.

    We just had a wonderful time with David and Kate and kids in the DR.

  5. oh—WOW! this is so exciting and so uplifting—that little guy made me guffaw also!! god so gently caresses us and heals every part of our bodies. henry is proof of that! now he will caress his parents also! love, love, love, love

  6. Praise the Lord! What great news-no oxygen and no medication. We will watch as God continues his work on Henry.

  7. Besides the birth and death of Jesus Christ, Henry is the biggest miracle I can think of! I just love seeing everything about him and what is happening with his precious little life. Prayers continue! Loved seeing the pictures that Melinda had of both boys and you guys too! Love, Aunt Shirley

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